“Homeless Guy” by ORI

There’s nothing quite like hearing an upbeat song full of all the energy you need to make it through your Monday morning after a hectic weekend! This week we were lucky enough o be blessed with a song that will be the Redbull to your ears and get you up and going as soon as you hit play!

“Homeless Guy” by New York native ORI is a bubbly hit with an infectious vibe that will ring in your head for days after it has ended. The song features a bubbly vibe on the beat that is held down to no end by ORI’s unforgettable lyrics from beginning to end. The song is topped off by a solid chorus making for an all-out hit.

This is the first impression of ORI we have had on Rage Robot, but after hearing “Homeless Guy,” I have no doubt it won’t be our last!

“Homeless Guy” by ORI

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