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Our mission is simple; we aim to bring you the best new music daily, artist interviews, concert, and festival recaps along with anything else music related that we see fit. Rage Robot is the evolution of a two blogs Justin, the blog owner, started in college. We hope that we can not only rebuild the culture that HypeHits and EspiMusic created way back when but also to continue to share our thoughts, ideas, and of course, all things MUSIC!

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    Album Reviews

    Anklegod (Artist Profile)

    With a name that had to've come from the blacktop, Anklegod comes to us from Vancouver, British Columbia - an area more known for...

    City of Sin EP by Dro Larroc (Album Review)

    RageRobot.com loves to celebrate our local talent here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that gets to continue with the emergence of Dro Larroc's debut collection of tracks in City of Sin EP, produced by DAVdadude.