Eli Moon Releases “Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels” EP

We just caught wind of Eli Moon and his latest EP “Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels” and I gotta say we have become instant fans. This hard-hitting mysteriously intriguing collection of songs will capture your attention as soon as you hit the play button and hold on right to the very end.

The EP features a consistent R&B/alternative rock sort of vibe that stays true throughout. While the mood is consistent each record encompasses a solid uniqueness making for a solid project when all is said and done.

One Of Our Favorite Tracks

Our favorite song on Eli’s EP has got to be “Bigger Than Us.” this articulate hit features an old school almost 80’s sounding vibe on the track that sets the stage for Eli’s emotionally charged vocals. The hook is bold, infectious, and has a cool change-up in sound that really sticks with the listener making for an unforgettable record when all is said and done.

Cool, Well Produced, and Collected

While the EP only serves up four tracks the project as a whole feels very well thought out. The production on each record sounds it was carefully fine-tuned making for a very professional feel. Eli’s vocals are different and new to the ear, his style does range throughout the EP but it’s his mellow, effortlessly cool style that ties the entire project together making for a solid, well-rounded EP!

We’ll be on the lookout for more music from Eli Moon in the future but for now, we’ll be rocking out to “Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels” for a whole minute!

“Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels”

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