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“red leather” by 53 Thieves

“red leather” by 53 Thieves

“Allow [them] to introduce [themselves]” 🙌

Their name is 53 Thieves. 

They released their first EP last year, and it was a wild success, but it’s best you hear it from high authority in their Twitter video below:

Despite apparently never physically meeting, a rose bloomed amid COVID challenges in 53 Thieves: a four-piece band scattered across the world. These are two singers and two producers, all at a remote capacity, bringing you some of the best damn music we’re hearing so far this year.

On top of their unique production setup, they create a precious space online for the band to pop the hood of their sound and connect with their fans. The following tweets feature some of the construction on their latest release, “red leather,” shared with us on March 26th.

The final product drops you into floating space with a beautiful collection of synths and their two diverse voices. The whole sound comes together really well, and although 53 Thieves mainly remains mostly mysterious on a personal level, their sound is growing on us and super fun to become familiar with.

This is “red leather” by 53 Thieves. 

Enjoy, good people!

Where to find 53 Thieves:






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