Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“Remember That Night” by Sara Kays

I don’t know much about Sara Kays, but I gotta say I have become an instant fan after hearing her amazing single entitled “Remember That Night.” This song is actually about five months old, but the age of the song does not change the fact that it’s out of this world and absolutely needs to be shared, so here we go!

Remember This Night” is an easy-going pop hit that will capture your attention right from the jump with an acoustic guitar-led vibe on the beat. The track builds slowly and does a great job of complimenting Sara Kays and her infectious lyricism from beginning to end. The song has a sort of continual rolling to it that will keep you hooked and in love with the song from beginning to end.

I’ll be sure to do a deep dive into Sara’s music shortly after I get done with this post. Don’t you worry, I’ll report right back here with what I find but for now, cut your teeth on her music with this amazing record. “Remember That Night” is unforgettable.

“Remember That Night” by Sara Kays

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