“Unimpressed” by Magsy

I did a bit of digging and could not find much information about the California-based artist named Magsy. Still, I gotta say I am more than intrigued by the style and sound he is putting down, especially in his latest drop, “Unimpressed.”

While the song title is “Unimpressed,” I have to admit I am more than impressed with Magsy’s ability to carry a beautiful melody. The song is performed acapella and will capture your attention right from the jump with an amazing presentation of infectious lyricism. The record production is simple yet adds real depth to the song, making for an emotionally charged record you won’t soon forget.

I have every intention of doing a real deep dive into Magsy to find out everything about him. I’ll report back here with any new information or new music, but for now, I’ll be enjoying his new song “Unimpressed” for a whole minute!

“Unimpressed” by Magsy

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