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“Corduroy” by Sam Lachow | Album Review & Interview

It’s been a solid five years since Seattle Based emcee Sam Lachow has dropped any a full-length project. With that said, when he informed his fans that Corduroy was coming out soon, anticipation was high. We were interested to see what direction he would take the project and were pleasantly teased with more than a few singles and music videos to maintain our interest until the release.

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As I gave the album a full initial listen through while on the treadmill, I was thrown into a world of unique beats, masterful lyricism, and some pretty impressive features. Our first intention was to do a review and release it, but after listening through a second time, we more than a few questions for Sam and decided to reach out for a full-length interview!

The Interview

Sam Lachow talks about his new album Corduroy, riots in Seattle, and his love for Wallace & Gromit in our latest artist interview!

The Album

If you’ve been a fan or new to Sam Lachow, there is no doubt you won’t find absolute value in his latest release Corduroy. The album does a great job of highlighting Lachow’s innovative flows and creative process. As you listen through, you’ll find that the album prescribes quite the variations of sounds and vibes, offering up something for everyone out there to enjoy.

A Few Of Our Favorites

Chemical by Sam Lachow

Our first honorable mention has got to be Chemical. This dark recap of Sam’s mentality in the past gives listeners a real look into the struggle he was battling before getting sober. The song features a mysterious vibe on the beat and will capture your attention right from the jump with some hard-hitting lyricism from beginning to end. Nacho Picasso comes through with a solid verse adding to this record’s depth and making an unforgettable vibe when all is said and done!

Castle by Sam Lachow

There’s nothing that pulls me in more than a catchy hook and cool beat. Pair that with Lachow’s fast passed-metaphor-filled lyricism, and you have the recipe for a record that makes quite the impression.

Castle will capture your attention as soon as you hit the play button. The hook introduced right at the beginning of the song is soft and melodic and sets the entire track’s tone. Sam’s verses are layered with impeccable production that keeps the vibes upbeat and on point from beginning to end.

Of all the songs on the album, this has got to be our favorite.

A Successful Album Drop

There’s no denying that Sam’s Corduroy album is a hit. Garnering in over 2,000,000 streams on Spotify as of October 3rd and receiving a massive flux in fans’ positivity reactions is proof that the album is a straight banger.

As we said above, there is something for everyone in this collection of songs. If you’re a first-time listener, you’ll have the chance to get to know Sam throughout. His ability to tell a story will no doubt have you hooked and excited for more.

If you’ve been a fan for a while, you’ll see an evolution in Sam’s flow. We are still presented with the definite vibe in his flow we have come to know and love, but his ability to create a single flow and build a full record from it in this album showcases his growth as an artist.

Always Listening

With a newfound buzz for Sam Lachow growing stronger every day, we have no doubt the future holds big things for Sam and his camp. We’ll be on the lookout for new music as it’s released, but we’ll be rocking out to Corduroy for the rest of the week.. month…who are we kidding, the rest of the year!

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