Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Emmanuel Best “Midas IV” EP Review

It’s not often that we find a submission in the Rage Robot inbox from an unknown artist on our end and decide to give their latest EP a full review, but Emmanuel Best has officially broken the mold!

A Unique & Solid Set of Songs

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Midas IV” was written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Emmanuel himself, and for that, we applaud him. The collection encompasses a unique and hard-hitting vibe from the first song to the last. Emmanual takes the listener on a five-song journey that will make a solid impression on first-time listeners for sure. His style is professional, chill yet upbeat, and masterfully uses synths to create some pretty unique soundscapes.

Emmanuel’s bars span the spectrum. His vocals are fast-paced, astounding, and confident throughout the project, making for some unique music through and through!

A Few Of Our Favorites On The EP

While we enjoyed every record on the EP, two songs stood out to us lyrically and melodically that we have to highlight.

“On G” by Emmanuel Best Featuring Floxy

“On G” is the first song on the project and sets the entire EP’s tone. The song features a simple progressive beat that slowly builds and proves to be the perfect backdrop to Emmanuel’s distinctive lyricism. This song is simply beautiful, and we honestly can’t stop listening to it!

“Life” by Emmanuel Best

“Life” is a fast passed hit that will capture your attention right from the jump with a masterfully produced beat that legit won’t stop! Emmanuel’s lyricism is fast-paced, well-received, and does a fantastic job guiding the listener through the ever-changing track. This song has got to be our favorite on the EP.

A Successful Project

We were more than blown away by this music collection and look forward to doing a deep dive into Emmanuel Best and his entire musical portfolio. “Midas IV” is well thought out, polished and the artistry shines through on every track making for an outstanding compilation from beginning to end! We look forward to what the future holds for Emmanuel, but for now, we’ll be rocking out to “Midas IV” for the rest of the month!

Emmanuel Best “Midas IV” EP Review

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