Home Album Review Quinn Ayers Releases New Album “Feelings Have Ceilings” (Album Review)

Quinn Ayers Releases New Album “Feelings Have Ceilings” (Album Review)

Quinn Ayers Releases New Album “Feelings Have Ceilings” (Album Review)

We were introduced to Las Vegas native Quinn Ayers and his music by chance while scouring the internet for fresh music and have been a fan ever since. The first single and title track off the album “Feelings Have Ceilings” set the tone for the project to come and did an excellent job of building some pretty big anticipation for the entire album.

Inspired by real-life events

According to Quinn, the project’s inspiration came from the ever-changing world around the UNC student and baseball player. “Feelings Have Ceilings” is an eleven-track project filled with exceptional production and lyricism, making for a cohesive and well-polished sound from beginning to end. Each song features a story wrapped in a multitude of solid beats produced by Potions (Adam Haag), ensuring that there is something for everyone on this album. As the project plays on, the listener is given a glimpse into the young up and comers world. That mixed with the well-developed sound throughout the LP provides the listener with a confident idea of who Quinn Ayers is both personally and musically.

It’s not hard to get lost in the sounds from this project. As we listened from start to finish, we found ourselves losing track of which song we were on and catching ourselves vibing out to the music. A characteristic we respect and enjoy in an album.

A Few Of Our Favorite Songs off “Feelings Have Ceilings”

While we enjoyed every record on the album, there were two songs that stood out to us lyrically and melodically that we have to highlight.

“How I Feel” features an almost alternative rock-inspired vibe on the beat that is held down to no end by Quinn’s effortlessly cool melodic verses. The hook on this one, along with the whole song, legitimately makes this record unforgettable.

“Stuck” Features a heavy bass hip hop-r&b inspired vibe on the beat, which proves to be the perfect backdrop to Ayers hard-hitting verses. This one has a bit more groove to it, its is interesting and fun, and we have to give props to Potion for the production on this one. Hands down, probably our favorite song on the project.

A Successful Project

We have to give props to Quinn Ayers for a successful album. “Feelings Have Ceilings” is an epic album from beginning to end that highlights who Quinn Ayers is. His music is emotional but cool and creates a whole mood when you listen to the entire collection of songs. If you’re a long time fan of Quinn you will find the sound on this album to be a bit of a change-up from the hip-hop direction you are used to seeing him take but, it’s the albums that allow fans to see just who an artist is. After listening to this project, we are not only fans of Quinn, but I am hungry for more! We’ll be on the lookout for more music, hopefully, some visuals to accompany this project in the future, but for now, we’ll be rocking out to “Feelings Have Ceilings” the rest of the year!


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