Saturday, April 13, 2024

“Nevermind” by Arverne

In a song that pulls you in ridiculously easily, Arverne brings us “Nevermind” from his 2020 self-titled debut EP. The track is lyrically minimalist with a beautifully soulful-enough sound.

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His work on the strings can pull from a number of influences, like a sound smoothie of Explosions in the Sky, Jaguar Sun, Mac Demarco, and a wide array of others. The chill-wave sound Arverne accomplishes alongside masterful lo-fi beats and his subdued voice easily sets scenes and takes listeners to a dreamscape.

I’m excited to see how Arverne develops. What the “queens, new yorker” has brought us so far is totally worthy of playing on repeat.

Enjoy, good people!

“Nevermind” is off Arverne’s self-titled EP, out now.

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A. B.
A. B.
A. B. is a nomadic writer with a penchant for listening to music, frequenting the lovely cities of Tucson, AZ and Las Vegas, NV.

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