Off Road Minivan “YOU”

Come take A cruise with me in my sweet new ride…

no, seriously.
Off Road Minivan out of Red Hook, New York just released their debut full length album entitled “Swan Dive” with Tooth & Nail records and it jams. Joining forces in 2018 Melvin Brinson, Dave Trimboli, Miles Sweeny, Evan Garcia Renart, and Ryan Tuck O’leary (of Fit For A King) combine 90’s rock and emo/indie influences for a powerful polarizing sound.

This song grabs me with a huge sounding drum fill that pulls you into an ocean of heavy guitar chords foreshadowing the hook and song title “YOU” drop out everything while one heavily distorted rhythm guitar emerges to carry you into the verse where smooth doubled vocals set the tone. The mix on this record is amazing, the guitars sound HUGE, the cymbals dance above everything beautifully while the kick and snare hold their place and don’t overpower the smooth trance like vocals.

Off Road Minivan “YOU”

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