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“The 90s” by FINNEAS

“The 90s” by FINNEAS

Being huge FINNEAS fans, we wish we could say that we were privy to this song as soon as it dropped, but that’s not the truth. We enjoyed watching FINNEAS perform this song live at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas this month and fell entirely in love with both this song and him.

“The 90s” is an easy-going melodic hit that will capture your heart with a beautiful presentation of lyricism layered over an easy-going beat. The song is infectiously cool and will no doubt ring in your head for days after you have given it one complete listen-through. We have to mention the subtle change-ups in the song as well. The verses and chorus jump back and forth in sound, making for an interesting/entertaining hit when all is said and done!

Hit the play button below, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with this song in no time!

“The 90s” by FINNEAS


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