The Pink Slips “Miles Away”

Play this song loud.

The Pink Slips are punk rockers based out Los Angeles led by fiery lead singer Grace Mckagan. This high speed adrenaline fueled song has me feeling like I’m doing 100mph down the highway, I love the intensity from beginning to end. Mckagan opens with a big “Yaaaa” on the versus that’s sort of like a “hold on tight, this ride ain’t slowing down” mix in some cool whisper vocals for the pre chorus that lay up perfectly to a massive sounding chorus.

The music video almost bummed me out the first time I saw it. Listening to this song several times before seeing the video I built this vision of something much more intense and powerful. Regardless, the song rocks and the video is pretty good. Oh, did I mention Grace is daughter of Duff Mckagan legendary Guns. N Roses rockstar? Pretty dope

*guitar solo alert!*

The Pink Slips “MILES AWAY”

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