“Bring Me Back” by Miles Away (Ft. Claire Ridgely)

Every so often, I happen upon a song that brings light to my entire day and becomes the soundtrack to the rest of my week! I was lucky enough to stumble upon “Bring Me Back” by Vancouver, British Columbia artist Miles Away featuring Claire Ridgely, and it has done just that.

“Bring Me Back” is a melodic electronic hit that features an energetic vibe on the beat that will ring in your head for days. The song is complimented to no end by Claire Ridgely‘s infectious vocals making an unforgettable song when all is said and done!

We’ll be on the lookout for more new music from Miles Away and Claire Ridgely in the future for sure but for now, we’ll be vibing out to “bring Me Back” for the rest of the week!

“Bring Me Back” by Miles Away (Ft. Claire Ridgely)

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