Hogland Drops Epic Dance Hit “Just A Little” Featuring Melanie Wehbe

More often than not, while I’m at work on any given Monday I do my best to spend at least an hour searching for new music. While on my weekly search for musical genius to get me through the week I was lucky enough to come across Hogland and his latest release featuring Melanie Wehbe entitled “Just A Little.”

“Just A Little” features an upbeat dance vibe that will capture your attention right from the jump. This high energy record filled with infectious builds and climactic drops is complimented to no end by Melanie Wehbe’s amazing vocals making for an all-out hit when all is said and done.

This is the first impression of Hogland we have had on Rage Robot but I have no doubt it won’t be our last. We’ll be on the look 9ut for new music from him in the future but for now, we’ll be raging out to “Just A Little” for the rest of the year!

Hogland “Just A Little” Featuring Melanie Wehbe

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