“Someone Like You” by DJ D-Sol (feat. Gia Koka)

This song was released back in July of 2020, but I am just now catching wind of its amazingness, so I figured I would go ahead and share it with the masses! From what I can tell, it seems as though DJ D-Sol is an apparent CEO of Goldman Sachs that DJ’s on the side. Whether that be the truth or not, the fact remains that this song is unbelievable.

“Someone Like You” will capture your attention right from the jump with an infectious melodic introduction of vocals performed by Gia Koka. As Gia’s unforgettable lyricism leads us through the record, we are met with some masterfully produced builds and drops that make for a solid pop/electronic-infused hit you won’t soon forget.

I’ll be sure to do a bit more digging into DJ D-Sol to find out more about him and his music, but for now, we’ll be rocking out to “Someone Like You” all weekend long!

“Someone Like You” by DJ D-Sol (feat. Gia Koka)

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