Home Album Review City of Sin EP by Dro Larroc (Album Review)

City of Sin EP by Dro Larroc (Album Review)

City of Sin EP by Dro Larroc (Album Review)

RageRobot.com loves to celebrate our local talent here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that gets to continue with the emergence of Dro Larroc‘s debut collection of tracks in City of Sin EP, produced by DAVdadude.


The duo of Dro and Dav has actually stemmed from years of friendship and shared musical interests growing up in Vegas. An area you can tell they take pride in, the City of Sin is frequently referenced, including shoutouts of Lake Mead, Pecos, Henderson Hills, and even the Gold Spike. Just don’t ask them about the perpetual construction. It’s appalling.

Not only does Dro come on strong with confident verses, he comes fresh with sports references and strange flexes that will have you both laughing and bobbing with Dav’s production. Coupled with Dro’s vocals, the whole project is easy to sway with or even swerve to.

Gotta fresh Mickey on the Mantle
- Closet Freestyle, Dro Larroc

Total Wine gift card, I'm feeling so fleek
- City Of Sin, Dro Larroc

In three songs we got just a sample of Dro Larroc and DAVdadude in City of Sin EP. Listen to all three of the tracks on SoundCloud today. We can’t wait for what they come up with next.

Enjoy, good people.


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