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Long Beach Artist Mikey Px

Long Beach Artist Mikey Px

Numerous people likely found Mikey Px a year ago due to his music video “This High Forever” that was released on No Jumper’s Youtube channel but don’t get it twisted though as he is no new name in the Las Vegas music scene. The Long Beach artist has made a name for himself as a stand alone talent in himself with his smooth delivery of calm rapping vocals that always come accompanied by a great beat with heavy hitting 808s that tie the track together nicely (s/o UliCookUp & Kapethagoat to name a few). The catalogue he presents is fairly short but filled with tons potential from his 2018 releases of EPs .

The EP “Since You’re Here Now” in my opinion capsulate everything you listen to him for. This project is where I believe he finds his sound while giving repeat worthy tracks to us each time we press play. With “It’s Depressing, Being a Shooter” shows a more dark side of Mikey Px. These two blends from the EPs show exactly what we can expect from him from here on out. Going forward we will be locked in on Mikey Px to see what he has in store for us in 2021.

Check him out on our Rager Radar Playlist on Spotify:

This High Forever Music Video:

Listen to More Mikey Px:


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