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“Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)” by Luca Brasi

No – not The Godfather character. Luca Brasi (est. 2009) is a rock band hailing from St Helens, Tasmania, an island state of Australia with a population of just over 500,000 people. To date, Luca Brasi has released four studio albums: Extended Family (2011), By a Thread (2014), If This Is All We’re Going To Be (2016) and Stay (2018). 

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Throughout the years, Luca Brasi has mastered their unique blend of modern-day alternative with 2000s post-punk. The result? A redefining mixture of hard-edged melodies and powerful lyricism in their most recent single, “Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone).” With their first EP dating back to 2010, Luca Brasi’s music bears a likeness to several artists that revolutionized the 2000s post-punk movement, such as The Bravery, The Editors and Bloc Party. 

On November 19th, Luca Brasi released “Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)” on streaming platforms, as well as a live performance on YouTube (see below). Their upcoming album, Everything is Tenuous, is scheduled for release on Friday, February 12th. Get hyped!

Luca Brasi “Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)”


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Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson
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