Home Hip Hop “Traffic Jam” by SOLOSAM

“Traffic Jam” by SOLOSAM

“Traffic Jam” by SOLOSAM

I just caught wind of SOLOSAM, and we are more than intrigued by his sound, vibe, and talent as a whole. The Chicago native up-and-coming hip-hop artist just released his latest single, “Traffic Jam,” and you definitely dont want to sleep on this song!

Written, recorded, and produced by SOLOSAM himself, “Traffic Jam” features an easy-going tone on the beat that sets the perfect stage for Sam’s effortlessly cool lyricism. Our favorite part of the record, aside from the vocals and cool hook, has to be the song’s well-produced piano accompaniments. This subtle addition adds to the song’s depth as a whole and will undoubtedly have you hitting replay repeatedly!

We’ll be on the lookout for new music from SOLOSAM in the future, but for now, we’ll be closing out the rest of our week with his smooth hit “Traffic Jam.”

“Traffic Jam” by SOLOSAM


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