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Bloom Baby Bloom by Haiva Ru (Album Review)

She’s ridiculously gifted and strong, and in her 2021 debut album Bloom Baby Bloom, she lays it all in the open for her listeners. 

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She is Haiva Ru, and if you tuned into her “Supaclone” series on her road to releasing this album, you got to see just another day at the office for the multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. Our friends over at Culture Collide describe her as a “one-woman HAIM,” and it’s hard to argue that claim.

In her own words, she says, “the album addresses my experiences with death, addiction, depression, love and heartbreak.” We’re fortunate for Haiva Ru’s raw, open, and relatable art. Despite being only her first full album, we’ve had the ten-song collection on repeat since its release, and we’re ready to sound the alarm for an early Album of the Year candidate.

Join us as we highlight three of our favorite songs from the album, but don’t let us stop you there. We will look back at this in December as one of the best albums in 2021.

Oh, But Lover

The album kicks off with drums and Haiva Ru’s warm voice. Something about voices like hers, Amelia Meath’s (Sylvan Esso), Clairo’s, or Lauren Morgan’s (SALES) really unlock a song and make the vocals pretty limitless. This song is both gutting and empowering at different parts of it, similar to the relationships being described.

And the feeling of falling out of your love
Has a dread I couldn't ever dream up
And it haunts me, just to think of what I'd done
And in light of everything we'd become
I'm finally learning to love myself
Better than I have before
And I know that means I'm breaking your heart
Oh, but lover, we were broken from the start


“Swim” seems to the be the most popular song, and it’s easy to see why. With similar synths and similar vibes to Maggie Rogers’ “Alaska,” it’s easy to feel like we are in a golden age of indie pop. This song is a beautiful description of the excitement in starting out a new journey with someone, but being too early to really show your hand even though that’s bound to happen.

 You forced your way in my head
 Now I'm underwater and trying to catch my breath
 Another wave rolls in
 But I think I can swim
 Try not to let it show
 I think you get the hint
 You know I'm in

Bloom Baby Bloom

The title track of this album shows such a mature approach to composing rich songs that sweep listeners away. The album closes on this track, and a good argument could be made that Haiva Ru saved her best for last. As the keys come in and her vocals start to pick up, it’s easy to think of David Gray’s similar ability to deliver vibrant and familiar feelings to his listeners. It’s difficult not to join in as she belts out “BABY BLOOOOOOOM”

 Baby bloom, c’mon baby, bloom
 Baby bloom, c’mon baby, bloom
 Baby bloom, c’mon now won’tcha bloom
Shaq Sings | Know Your Meme

This album is great all the way through, and easily an early favorite of ours by a wide margin on the calendar year.

Enjoy, good people!





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