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Chase Laser “Out Of Reach” EP Review

If you browse Chase Laser’s Soundcloud, you’ll see that this young artist has been releasing music for quite some time. We were first introduced to Chase when we heard his single “Wayside.” The song piqued our interest and really got us excited for his upcoming EP “Out Of Reach,” out now!

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Our Initial Thoughts of the EP

Coming in strong with a solid collection of four self-mixed, produced, written, and performed songs, “Out Of Reach” proves to be a pillar of Chase’s undeniable musical talent. The EP has an alternative/pop vibe to the well-curated project and will really leave a lasting impression on anyone who gives the full project a listen all the way through.

When asked what Chase Laser‘s inspiration for the “Out Of Reach” EP was he had this to say:

I went and visited a friend in Guatemala right before everything shut down and ended up getting stuck there for a month. Although the songs are more about post-relationship struggles and self-identity, the main inspiration came from Guatemala and that feeling of people in general being “out of reach”.

A Few Of Our Favorite Songs

“Wayside” by Chase Laser

As we said above, “Wayside” was our first impression of Chase Laser. The song is upbeat and features an excellent presentation of Chase’s hard-hitting lyricism from beginning to end. The song is fun and really set the tone for what we could come to expect from Chase and his musical stylings in the future!

“identity” by Chase Laser

Identity” has got to be our favorite record on the project. This mellow track features a somber attitude from the jump but will capture your attention with a catchy vibe on the melody. As the song progresses, we are introduced to a fast-paced change that plays host to some well-written lyrics that will undoubtedly creep in your head and live there rent free for the rest of the month! The song is simple yet effective and creative, and for that, we love it!

Excited For More from Chase Laser

“Out Of Reach” is amazing, to say the least. While the project’s length is short, Chase proves that quality is most definitely better than quantity. This project has ignited a real love for this artist in everyone here at Rage Robot, and we have every intention of keeping an eye out for new music as his career continues to grow! We’ll report back here with any new findings as they are released, but for now, we’ll be rocking out to the beauty that is “Out Of Reach” for the rest of the year!

“Out Of Reach” EP by Chase Laser

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