Drive Alone by Rose Hotel

It was a big year for Atlanta music, but rarely do folks think of the psych dream pop scene when thinking of Georgia’s musical hot bed. Let’s introduce you to Rose Hotel

No, not the Rose(bud) Motel from the critically acclaimed sitcom Schitt’s Creek, this is the ultra-talented group of four that just self-released their debut LP I Will Only Come When It’s a Yes in October. It comes with two tracks, “Drive Alone” and “Constant,” and while the latter is a grungier vibe reminiscent of Tool, we’re here to shine a light on the former, “Drive Alone,” as one of the dreamiest tracks we’ve heard this year.

“Drive Alone” and “Constant” by Rose Hotel

The song fades in, and listeners really have no choice but to buy into frontwoman Jordan Reynolds’ soothing voice. It’s almost as if she’s a late night FM radio host, gently setting the stage with an all-too-familiar lonely interstate. The crux of the song comes in the following verse:

I wish I hadn’t met you at the time I did

A bit too young and reckless, now I’m too proud to admit

That I stay still somewhat blind, that I’m trying to find someone like you

2020 and the pandemic has without a doubt tested individuals and relationships everywhere. Reynolds describes an individual and a relationship that has also been tested by “larger-than-us” forces. Whether it be time, youth, or anything else that can trickle in and affect our pursuit of happiness and love, there’s room for it here. What these lyrics show is the reason why Reynolds is wanting to drive alone tonight. To get away, to be alone, to determine where she wants to go from here. This feeling, like a lonely interstate, is also all-too-familiar. And as divides in the world are weaponized, listeners take comfort in relating and connecting to Rose Hotel.

And now I’m left to wonder, was it all for show

Did you really love me or did you just wanna know

How it felt to be inside a woman’s body and a woman’s mind

The lyrics above really hit on the theme of what real love is. Real love would eliminate these thoughts, but the quest to find real love leaves lovers with questions like these all the time. The end of the song builds up with Reynolds repeating “I just wanna drive alone,” until she finishes with “I just wanna drive alone tonight,” and the song concludes pushing you to the next track like a kayak pushed to sea.

From their bio: Jordan Reynolds is joined by Tim Gratz on the guitar and backing vocals, with Vinny Restivo and Adam Weisberg rounding out the rhythm section. The songs were produced by Damon Moon in Atlanta at Standard Electric Studios and mastered by Christopher Colbert of Number Station. They’re more than deserving of your ears, and your ears are more than deserving of them.

Enjoy, good people!

Listen to Rose Hotel on Spotify:

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