“that’s us” by Golden Vessel featuring The Nicholas & Rei So La

Golden Vessel is set to release his new album “Cult” in just a few weeks but before the Australian up and comer does so he has decided to tease his fans of the album debut with a solid new single!

“that’s us” featuring Golden Vessel’s friends The Nicholas and Rei So La features an easy-going vibe on the beat that is held down to no end by Vessel’s effortlessly cool verses. His style is soft, well-received, and will no down burrow its way into your brain and be stuck there for a good long while after the song has ended.

The Nicholas does a great job of offering some light change up in the style and proves to compliment Golden Vessel’s verses famously. Rei So La comes through on the track with a hip hop inspired verse that adds a good bit of depth to the song making for a solid record through and through!

We’ll be on the lookout for Golden Vessels album release but until then we’ll be rocking out to “that’s us” for a while minute!

“that’s us” by Golden Vessel featuring The Nicholas & Rei So La

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