Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade “Holy Water” Featuring Phyno

I have been the biggest fan of Anjulie ever since I heard her hit single You and I back in 2012. The song is so vibrant and upbeat that it instantly became a favorite of mine and really hooked me onto the Canadian singer and songwriter. I probably played “You and I” at every party I went to back in college and I still really enjoy the song to this day!

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With that said it looks like Anjulie teamed up with Natalia Lafourcade in October of 2019 and released a Latin inspired tune entitled “Holy Water.” While it’s not the newest song, it bolsters an infectious vibe so I had to share it. “Holy Water” will capture your attention right from the jump with a mysterious vibe on the intro. Anjulie comes through almost instantly with an onslaught of effortlessly cool vocals that will have you hooked and dancing along to the beat instantly.

I am not too familiar with Natalia Lafourcade but her well-received verse is performed in Spanish and does a great job of adding some real depth to the reggeton record as a whole. Phyno‘s verse is bold and does a great job of rounding out the record making for an unforgettable track when all is said and done.

“Holy Water” is a colorful track that will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again. Hit the play button below and hold onto your boots. This song is one hell of a ride!

Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade “Holy Water” Featuring Phyno (Music Video)

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