“Drug Was You” by Sydnee Carter

With the onslaught of new music being released every Friday, sometimes it’s hard to cut through all the noise and really find the breakout songs that leave a lasting impression. Today, Australian artist Sydnee Carter has made our search for the real gems easy with the release of her new single “Drug Was You”

This contemporary pop hit will capture your attention in a big way right from the jump with a beautiful presentation of melodic lyricism from Sydnee. As the song evolves, we are introduced to a building beat that proves to be the perfect compliment to Sydnee’s infectious vocals from beginning to end.

The record is topped off with an emotionally charged chorus that will ring in your head for days making for an unforgettable track when all is said and done.

This is the first impression of Sidnee Carter we have had on Rage Robot, but I have no doubt it won’t be our last after hearing this amazing record.

“Drug Was You” by Sydnee Carter

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