Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“Follow Me” by Rita Ora & Sam Feldt

We’ll you can’t ask for much more on a Tuesday afternoon that two of your favorite artist joining forces and releasing a solid little single! Today we happened upon the latest collaboration between Rita Ora and Sam Feldt and have officially fallen in love!

Follow Me” will capture your attention right from the jump with a beautiful presentation of infectious lyricism from Rita Ora. As the record progresses, the listener is soulfully led into a hard-hitting pop/electronic inspired breakdown that features some fantastic chopped-up vocals and even better production!

The song as a whole is an energetic rollercoaster that our entire team hasn’t been able to take off repeat all day, and we have no doubt you’ll be obsessed as well! Hit the play button below and hold onto your socks. “Follow Me” is a joyful ride up to the last note!

“Follow Me” by Rita Ora & Sam Feldt

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