“Love For Me” by Empress Of

I was recently watching one of my new Netflix addictions “Trinkets” and was graciously introduced to the musical stylings of Empress Of. More often then not when I am watching a new series I make it a point to listen to the music that accompanies the show. I promise you’ll find some real gems if you do so as well!

Empress Ofs “Love For Me” features an easy-going, pop sort of vibe that is easy to follow and enjoyable from beginning to end. Empress’s vocals will capture and tug at your heart as the song plays out making for a solid and pretty unforgettable record when all is said and done.

We’ll be on the lookout for more music from Empress Of, but, for now, we’ll be jamming out to the easy-going tone of her vibrant record “Love For Me” for the rest of the weekend!

“Love For Me” by Empress Of

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