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Music Video “Know You Anymore” Cover by BoTalks & Sarah Hyland

This cover was released in 2017 but at Rage Robot we never shy away from sharing good music just because its not the latest and greatest. Sarah Hyland and Botalks cover of “Know You Anymore” is legit out of this world. The song will capture your attention right form the jump with an acoustic vibe on the beat which is held down to no enf by BoTalks. Sarah Hyland comes through with some emotionally filled vibrant lyricism which will ring in your head for hours after the song has ended.

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Sarah Hyland is currently wrapping up her run on the hit show Modern Family and while it is hard to see such an epic sitcom like that go it will free up some time for Sarah to maybe release some new music. If we are lucky maybe even some hit originals! Looking forward to what the future holds for the young songstress / actress but we’ll be rockin’ out to this cover till we get something new from Sarah & BoTalks!

“Know You Anymore” Cover by BoTalks & Sarah Hyland

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