Home Alternative “Next Time” by Quinn Ayers (Three Versions)

“Next Time” by Quinn Ayers (Three Versions)

“Next Time” by Quinn Ayers (Three Versions)

Las Vegas Nevada native Quinn Ayers just released three versions of his latest single “Next Time” and I gotta say I wish more tracks were released in this fashion. It gives the listener a chance to experience the song from three different points of view allowing for a broader audience and a chance to capture everyone’s attention while still expressing the same concept!

While we have chosen to feature all three of the renditions below it is the Pop/Punk version we have chosen to highlight in our review. “Next Time” (Pop/Punk) features a solid alternative style vibe on the track that is held down to no end by Quinn’s infectious, well-received lyricism from beginning to end. The song feels effortlessly cool, energetic and will no doubt creep into your brain and live there rent-free for the next few days!

“Next Time” (Pop / Punk) by Quinn Ayers

Two More Versions To Enjoy!

While the Pop/Punk rendition is our favorite version I have to admit that all three are pretty solid. The Vavn Remix is melodic and offers up a cool dance vibe to hit. The Acoustic version is easy going and encompasses a guitar-driven sound that will hold onto your attention right until the very end. Check out both below!

“Next Time” (Vavn Remix) by Quinn Ayers

“Next Time” (Acoustic) by Quinn Ayers


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