Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“Dandelions” by Ruth B.

Our love for Ruth B. stems back to our college days back in the 2010s. Back then, she was pretty hot on the blog scene and had all but sorta blown up when she released her hit single “Lost Boys.” The song showcased amazing vocals and built a foundation of love for her music in our hearts.

Today we happened upon her record “Dandelions” while driving around town. While this song was released in 2017, it is new to us, and we love it too much not to shine some light on it.

Dandelions” will capture your heart with a beautiful presentation of infectious lyricism from Ruth B. from beginning to end. Her lyricism is beautifully produced, layered, and complemented by a melodic track that makes for an unforgettable hit once all is said and done.

We’ll no doubt be blasting this record over the Thanksgiving break. With so much hustle and bustle, it is a great song to take a quick moment to yourself and relax too! Check it out below!

“Dandelions” by Ruth B.

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