“Your Body” by Emmanuel Best

We were first introduced to the musical stylings of Emmanuel Best when we did a short review on his “MIDAS IV” EP back in November of 2020. This entire EP sparked our interest in Emmanuel, and since then, we have done our best to keep up with his music.

Emmanuel recently released a new mixtape entitled Houdini. While we have yet to check out the entire project, one song did capture our attention right from the jump and just had to be shared!

“Your Body” features a bubbly, upbeat vibe that will pull the listener in with a consistent serving of dance/hip-hop themes from beginning to end. Emmanuel keeps things both interesting and entertaining throughout with an onslaught of infectious lyricism and a solid hook making an unforgettable record when all is said and done!

We’ll be sure to check out the entire mixtape and report back here with our favorites but for now, cut your teeth on the new mixtape with “Your Body” below!

“Your Body” by Emmanuel Best

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