Movements “Don’t Give Up Your Ghost”

“You’re in your head while I’m next to you”
First time I heard about movements in 2016 with the release of the EP “outgrown things” When this song popped up on my playlist I would’ve never guessed it was the same band. Four years later this ensemble has matured immensely with a much more polished production.

The first thing to grab me on this track was the amazing sound of the drums. The hi-hat work is some of the best I’ve heard in this new era of drum machines and trap beats. Drummer Spencer York sounds un human in the pattern he plays with massive sounding tom drums that give the kick a run for its money. The snare work in the second verse is ever so satisfying, so nice I listened twice, and then 3 more!

Then the reality of this songs meaning sets in. This is an anti-suicide anthem, when you take the time to listen/read the lyrics it’s undeniable. In-fact, the lyrics sung by vocalist Patrick Miranda are so powerful and moving (sorry for the pun) I had a difficult time picking my line to pin at the top of this post. Heavy hitters like “ready to fold the hand you’ve been dealt” and “can’t see the green under the snow, if you leave you’ll never know” Patrick really lets his voice rip on the exiting chorus; it’s fantastic.

Here’s an awesome anime video to go with this amazing song.
ALSO, watch the “behind the scenes” video and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on how the guys from Movements came up with this masterpiece

‘whatever you do… don’t give up!

Movements “Don’t Give Up Your Ghost”

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