“Walk Away” by Asher Postman & Annelisa Franklin

There’s nothing quite like finding an out of this world track that gets me in the mood for the impending weekend. I just discovered Asher Postman and Annelisa Franklin‘s amazing EDM-dance hit “Walk Away” and I am very much addicted.

“Walk Away” will capture your attention right from the jump with some solid vocal from Annelisa. Her soothing lyrics play the perfect guide throughout the song and prove to be both intoxicating and unforgettable.

The beat on this song will legit knock you off your feet. As soon as the records start to build we are met with a vibrant combination of synths and sounds that come together in a hard-hitting electronic symphony of well-produced music! The beat is the soul of this record and does a great job of setting the mood and vibe of the entire track.

I am officially in love with both Asher and Annelisa. I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for new music from both artists but for now, I’ll be rocking out to “Walk Away” for the rest of the month.

“Walk Away” by Asher Postman & Annelisa Franklin

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