Saturday, April 13, 2024

Oh Wonder Releases Alternative Pop Hit “I Like It When You Love Me”

I gotta say when I listen to this song it gets me feeling some sort of way. The best I can describe it is a feeling like you have the blues but in a luxurious way. I know what makes no sense but listen to the song and I promise you’ll catch my vibe.

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London based duo Oh Wonder recently released “I Like It When You Love Me” and I gotta say I am a huge fan. There seems to be a lot of layers to this song that makes it really stand out. The song will pull you in with confident vocals which are complemented in a huge way by a somber well-recieved beat. As the dong progresses the listener is introduced to a catchy hook and some well thought out break downs that add real depth to the record as a whole. I am legit entranced by this song!

I don’t know much about Oh Wonder but I do know they know how to envoke some real feels. We’ll be on the look out for more from the duo but for now, we’ll have “I Like It When You Love Me” on repeat the rest of the month.

Oh Wonder “I Like it When You Love Me”

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