Saturday, April 13, 2024

Łaszewo Drops Soulful Hit “Sad Bitch”

I don’t know much about Łaszewo but I gotta say I am very blown away by their latest release “Sad Bitch.” This song starts off slow but quickly begins to build. As the ambient sounds on the track begin to take shape we are introduced to some vibrant vocals which lead the listener effortlessly to an effective drop. If you’re not hooked right away, as soon as the record drops and the hook is introduced you’ll be sold on the song in a big way.

I’m a fuckin’ sad bitch cause I Waste time

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Same girl, same! ^^^

This is the first impression of Łaszewo we have had on Rage Robot but after hearing “Sad bitch” I have no doubt it won’t be our last. Turn your speakers up and hit the play button below, this one is a song for your next road trip playlist for sure!

Łaszewo “Sad bitch”

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