Wednesday, December 2, 2020

“Scare Me” By LUM!X, KSHMR & Gabry Ponte (Featuring Karra)

Just checked out the latest collaboration from LUM!X, KSHMR, Gabry Ponte, and Karra and I gotta say I am getting some real old school vibes from this record. Their latest record “Scare Me” is giving me some real Lil Suzy “Take Me In Your Arms” vibes and I love it.

This upbeat electronic hit will capture your attention right from the jump with an energetic vibe on the beat. The high energy drum and bass beat prove to be the perfect foundation for KARRA‘s infectious vocals from beginning to end making for an unforgettable track that will ring in your end for days.

Always good to see a few of our favorite artists working together to create solid tracks for us to party to. We’ll be raging to this one all week and so should you!

“Scare Me” By LUM!X, KSHMR & Gabry Ponte (Featuring Karra)

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