Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“Worst Case” by 3lau

There is a lot of buzz in the music industry right now regarding the release of 3lau’s latest single, “Worst Case.” In an industry, first, 3lau has opted to give fans 50% ownership of the song in the hopes of changing the music industry altogether.

“One of my goals as a musician is to not only make unique art, but to build an everlasting symbiotic relationship between artists and listeners.”

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While 3lau has always been on the up and up when it comes to future-forward investing ideas, this is the first big move made by an artist to “cut out the middle man,” record labels, and share the ownership of his masters with his fans in the hopes of both parties recouping and making a profit on their initial investment. We find this very interesting and a little confusing but hope to see a solid outcome from his efforts.

With that said, “Worst Case” will capture your attention right from the jump with a big house vibe on the track. The song is masterfully layered by intoxicating vocals performed by CXLOE from beginning to end, making for an unforgettable hit when all is said and done! The song is bold, energetic and will become a fast favorite on your playlist in no time.

Hit the play button below and get ready for a ride, “Worst Case” is a rollercoaster!

“Worst Case” by 3lau

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