Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“Hypnotized” by Casual T

Call us bias, but we feel like emerging artists from Austin, Texas, are the best artist! We know, we know, some of you will say, “But Rage Robot, you’re based in Las Vegas!!!” While that’s true, our heart and former home is and always will be in Austin!

With that said, we are always on the lookout for new music from the music capital of the world, and today we had the pleasure of discovering Casual T‘s new record, “Hypnotized.”

We first caught wind of Casual T back in May. His hit record “Still Thinking Of You” stole our hearts with its effortlessly cool builds and subtle drops, creating a solid foundation of love and anticipation for more music from Travis Drews, a.k.a. Casual T.

His latest offering serves up a vibrant/aromatic electronic vibe that will pull you in with mysterious vocals. The song keeps things bold and exciting with easy-going change-ups and exciting synths, making for a chilled-out record you won’t be able to take off repeat.

Hit the play button below and get ready for a mind-bender, “Hypnotized” will suck you in and melt your mind for a solid 3 minutes and 16 seconds of pure bliss!

“Hypnotized” by Casual T

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