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“Cocaine Drought” by Sam Lachow (ft. Lexi Lalauni) Offical Music Video

It’s not usually our style to review music videos, but when we checked out the visuals for Sam Lachow‘s hit record “Cocaine Drought” featuring Lexi Lalauni; we knew we had to show some love to the project.

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This Video Has A Real Message

Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows the cycle of use one can get pulled into. Endless nights turn into early mornings, and for some, as long as they maintain somewhat of an everyday life, it’s easy to write off the bad behavior as “just having some fun.”

We won’t get into the complexities of addiction here but what struck us about the video was the exceptional visualization of this vicious cycle. In the video, we see two versions of Sam. One at the bar and the other waking up at 2 in the afternoon. The Sam at the bar seems to be a mess. He ventures off to a party and rages on into the wee hours of the night.

Two Paths, One Guy

The Sam that wakes up seems to have his life together and appears happy and content with just spending the day with his significant other. One may think these two Lachows are two people on different paths, but it isn’t untill the end of the video that you release that both Sammy’s are the same guy just caught up in the vicious cycle of partying.

To this, we say bravo! The video is impressive and truly spoke to our team. In addition to the video, the song is some straight-up fire and will become a fast favorite on your playlist if you have never heard it before.

Hit the play button below and get ready for a ride. This video is a solid real-life representation!

P.S. Sam Lachow dropped some new music today. Be sure to check out “Back To Life” Here!

“Cocaine Drought” by Sam Lachow (ft. Lexi Lalauni) Offical Music Video

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