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Coming to us from the Van Buren Records group out of Brockton, Massachusetts, SAINT LYOR dropped his music video for “THIS IS NOT AN IMAGE” a couple months back in November of 2020. He comes across as a more interesting, authentic, and tolerable Yo Gotti, with a hard beat and catchy lyrics that hook.

The realness SAINT LYOR exudes through both the video and his lyrics are refreshing in a world full of artists willing to pose and fake for status. It’s hard to believe he won’t go far with his clear confidence and diligence in knowing himself and his history. A lot can be pulled from the lyrics “great advice I never take advice,” and it shows that SAINT LYOR is doing the work his way in order to succeed his way. We can only hope for a Sinatra type beat in the future.

If I want it Imma get it

I know my mind my greatest weapon

He want money, power he want bitches in his bedroom

She want Chanel showers, Christian Dior and et cetera

I want to be honest with myself and all my n****s

You know this shit ain’t an image it’s a story that I’m telling

The twenty-something year old is raw and real and a part of a growing scene producing really good music. Similar to Baby Keem, his sound is developing yet unique. I’ll leave you with a couple more lyrics that embody SAINT LYOR and the perspective we can expect to see him win from in the future.

It’s hard to play the bench when all you know is how to ball

It’s hard to play it humble when I know that I’m a star

I used to work at Save-a-Lot but now I’m saving y’all

Don’t listen to these n****s they not who they say they are

My DJ told me we reaping what we sow

Could never fake the funk with all the things I’ve come to know

I make an honest living cause the truth is all I know

The semi-auto tool make a roddy n**** cool so

Enjoy, good people!


A full profile of the young rapper, by DJBooth, can be found here.




Song Credits 

Written by SAINT LYOR

Produced by ProSwervez & Gib DJ

Mixed by R Louie

Video Credits

Director/Editor- Noah Weisfogel

Producer/Production Designer – Robert Tutiven

Producer/Production Designer – Dylan Denton

Director of Photography – Jesse Bronstein

Production Company – Smog Cinema Group LLC

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