Saturday, April 13, 2024

“Young Man” by Alexander Mack

Alexander Mack hit the scene with his ultra-confident track “Young Man” back in May of the challenging year that was 2020, and it has the sound of an absolute hit. Mack delivers a Hip Hop and Jazz blend, a similar vibe to another track that took off in the year thirsty for uplifting music – “Sunday Best” by Surfaces. He mentions catching “air time like Jumpman,” as he navigates through his lyrical court like MJ would, with true swagger and grace. When Mack raps, the rasp in his voice can remind you of another Mac(k), the late Mac Miller.

At roughly the three-minute mark, the track drifts into a hazy trance as Mack’s distorted voice speaks in the background. Shortly after, Mack interjects with “So let’s get after it, shall we?” and the fattest, juiciest, warmest saxophone diddly is thrust into the song as any divide between hip hop and jazz is stirred like a drink.

Along with the sax, Alexander Mack just drills them, carrying the song to the last chorus which will have you ready to swing to the beat.

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Enjoy, good people!

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A. B.
A. B.
A. B. is a nomadic writer with a penchant for listening to music, frequenting the lovely cities of Tucson, AZ and Las Vegas, NV.

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