“Heart Games” by HARLOR

Along the path to adulthood, we are all met by a person who can best be described as a rode block. This person, in most cases, knows they have the power in a relationship and uses it to play games with your heart until you’ve had enough and are brave enough to cut tye’s and move along.

Indie/folk up-and-coming duo HARLOR just released their latest record entitled “Heart Games.” This ever-building hit paints the picture we described above with colorful lyricism complimented to no end by guitar-driven instrumentals and an atmospheric vibe that culminate in one indie anthem that you’ll undoubtingly be able to take off of repeat.

This is our first impression of HARLOR (Nick Gerard & Max Anthony) we have had on Rage Robot, and with a sound like I have no doubt it, won’t be our last. We’ll be sure to do a deep dive into their musical portfolio and report back here with our findings. Hit the play button below and get ready for a ride. “Heart Games” is downright amazing!

“Heart Games” by HARLOR

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