Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“When Was It Over” by Sasha Sloan (Ft. Sam Hunt)

There’s nothing I love more than when two artists I enjoy come together to create something amazing! Today I happened upon “When Was it Over” by one of our favorites Sasha Sloan featuring another consistently featured artist on Rage Robot Sam Hunt, and fell head over heels for the song in minutes!

When Was It Over” is a soft, easy-going vibe that will capture your attention right from the jump with an onslaught of beautifully presented vocals from Sasha Sloan. Her melodic draw mixed with the mellow beat creates an unforgettable symphony of music you won’t soon forget.

I can think of no one better to be featured on this track than Sam Hunt. His confident semi-deep tone compliments the vibe of the record completely and adds a solid male element to the song that gives us more depth, more feels, and all in all, more love for the hit.

This song speaks for itself for sure. Hit the play button below and grab the tissues. This song is an emotional rollercoaster you won’t be able to take off repeat.

“When Was It Over” by Sasha Sloan (Ft. Sam Hunt)

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