Monday, May 27, 2024

Ron Pope “Bone Structure” From His New Album Of The Same Name

Ron Pope first came into my life back in the late 2000s with “Drop In The Ocean“. This song got me through a pretty rough breakup in my youth, and 13 years later Ron’s “Bone Structure” is an eclectic mix of just the right amount of voice and piano. This track will have you in a deep trance as every lyric feels personal to the listener. In an interview with CMT, Ron said he hopes listeners take this from the song “feelings of sadness about the end of a relationship can feel like they will never end, but they will. One day, it will all seem like a distant memory. Lessons learned and you come out better on the other side”.

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The music video for this song is simply perfect. In a time when most artists use a ton of CGI, and music videos are starting to feel like mini action movies, Ron’s team created something that focuses the viewer on the music and the lyrics with just the right amount of cinematography. From the opening with him sitting alone tickling the ivories on a piano and then transitioning to the artistic talent of Lily Saito from the Nashville Ballet, this video will move you.

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