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Getter “NAPALM” EP Review

Actor, rapper, EDM sensation GETTER just released his latest EP, NAPALM and it serves up quite the psychedelic journey. This six-track collection of well-produced tracks will capture your attention right from the jump with a bass-heavy theme that will surprise and excite any and all who take a listen to the project from beginning to end.

The Come Up

In the first portion of the EP, we are presented with a dark substance-induced hysteria. The first track ENTOMBMENT and the first single off the record BAD ACID are a solid intro into a three-part journey that we have decided to layout here in this review. The come-up will capture the listener’s attention with some serious wubbz and dubbz layered over some altered vocals that will entice and maybe even scare some.

To us this portion of the record feels like the start of a serious drug induced journey. When you take that first hit you will find the world around you begin to change. Sounds will get elongated like they do in BAD ACID. These are the signs of a gnarly trip. Hold onto your socks cause ENTOMBMENT and BAD ACID hit hard AF!



Steady Vibin’ To The Trip

In the second portion of our journey through GETTER‘s NAPALM EP we are introduced to a solid mix of beats, fast passed vibes and a party theme that makes us feel like the user in the first portion has leveled out and began to enjoy the party. CLOROX, ADHD, and REPRESENT features some amazing attention to detail. Huge underground attitudes and some hard-hitting almost hip-hop inspired sounds. Our favorite song off the project ADHD is a track everyone can get into for sure!

Getter – CLOROX



The Sun Is Your Enemy

In the last portion of the project, we find a song that features a brighter aesthetic. HOLE IN THE BOAT features a vibrant almost ethereal vibe that reminds us of the sun coming up after a long night out. The song encompasses a melodic lyrical element that reminds us of inner thoughts during the comedown. The track to us is honestly a coming to anthem that does a great job of closing out the project and the journey.


Looking Forward To The Next Journey

All in all I’d say this project was a total success. The production, the change-ups, and the solid mix of sounds make the entire project sound rich and well polished. GETTER is a man of many talents. He and his crew produce a Facebook series called “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.” In addition to the series and his GETTER persona Tanner Petulla also has a third persona called TERROR RIED that is legit a solid interpretation of old school hip-hop. whatever the next journey for GETTER we look forward to what he has in store for fans next! We’ll be on the lookout for new music shows but for now, we’ll be ragin’ out to NAPALM EP for a whole minute!


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