Julia Michaels Releases “Give It To You” from Songland

I have never seen the show Songland but I just checked out a short clip of the show and I think I am hooked. There is nothing quite like the inspiration that shoots through you when you’re in the studio writing a record, Songland seems to give the viewer a look into the creative process and really shines a light on musical creativity which I am completely drawn to.

From what I can gather from the clip I watched Keegan Bost developed the melody and track for this record. He performed the song confidently and when all was said and done Julia Micheals chose his song to record with an overhaul of lyrics. This song is vibrant and catchy, the melody will ring in your head for days and the fast passed performance gives this song so much depth that it’s insane!

I’ll be doing some more research on Songland and will be sure to check out episodes both past and present. I don’t know much about Keegan Bost but I am definitely excited to see what projects he is a part of in the future. The record is solid and has done a great job of putting a bright spin to my Monday morning! Check out “Give It To You” below!

Julia Michaels “Give It To You”

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