Home EDM “Once More” by Party Favor (Ft. Georgia Ku)

“Once More” by Party Favor (Ft. Georgia Ku)

“Once More” by Party Favor (Ft. Georgia Ku)

This song was released back in March but if your an avid follower of Rage Robot you’re well aware that we don’t let the age of a song stop us from posting it. Just checked out “Once More” by Party Favor featuring Georgia Ku and it does not disappoint.

This electronic banger will capture your attention right from the jump with infectious vocals from Georgia Ku. Georgia’s lyrics set the entire record stage and prove to be an excellent vehicle for the listener as we are guided towards the ever-impending drop. As soon as the song drops we are introduced to an onslaught of well-produced dubbz and wubbs making for an all-out hit when alls said and done.

We’ll be on the lookout for more music from Georgia Ku and Party Favor in the future but for now, we’ll be coming back to “Once More” over and over again!

“Once More” by Party Favor (Ft. Georgia Ku)


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