Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“Colorado” by Laszewo

Our love for Laszewo (Ła-zay-woah) took form in May 2020. We were shuffling through our playlist, and their hit single “Sad Bitch” came on and left a lasting impression on our editors. One verse in the record at the end imparticular, that goes, “I’m a sad bitch cause I waste time,” stuck with us and single-handedly built a foundation of love for the California-based trio.

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Since then, we have held our ears to the ground hoping for new music, and today we struck gold with their hit record “Colorado.” We don’t believe this is their latest record, but it is our latest favorite from the group, so we gotta share it with the robots, ye diggg?!

“Colorado” will capture your attention right from the jump with infectious lyricism layered over a fantastic beat. The song feels light and airy but consistently builds into a solid aromatic electronic experience once the drop hits, making for an unforgettable song when all is said and done.

Long story short, we’re in love with this song, and you will be too after you give it a full listen! We’ll keep you updated with new music from Laszewo in the future but for now, rock out to “Colorado” all week. That’s what we’ll be doing!

“Colorado” by Laszewo

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