“I Didn’t Know” by DECCO (Ft. James Gillespie)

DECCO is the brainchild of producers/songwriters Joacim Persson and Sebastian Arman. Having written and produced for several artists, including John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, it’s safe to say these two are very well established in the music world. With that said, I was lucky enough to stumble upon their latest release featuring James Gillespie, and I was an instant fan of this upbeat hit.

“I Didn’t Know” will capture your attention right from the jump with a high pitched presentation of vocals that sets the tone for the entire song! As the record plays on, we are introduced to some amazing vocals from James Gillespie that compliment the break down / hook of this song to no end!

This is our first impression of DECCO we have had on Rage Robot, but you can bet it won’t be our last!

“I Didn’t Know” by DECCO (Ft. James Gillespie)

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